Soul Eater (anime), My Review and Questions Ensue [SPOILERS]

I’ve just finished Soul Eater now, and it’s like it really was a great series and the action parts were good too and the characters were cool, but I always have a problem when the series ends and I have to question a good bit of the things that happened in the series.

Like sure Maka killing the Kishin like she did certainly wrapped it up, and it was all happy giggly sunshine rainbow butts since she just had to punch him because bravery or something. But it makes no sense, it’s just supposed to be like Bravery beats Madness… For some reason… Because everyone has it too… So for some reason that makes sense. And although all the characters were cool with their action bits, my one complaint is that they are all strung together by friendship, which would be fine normally, but it interferes with the idea that they all have their own interesting personalities, and then near the end lots of people were just coming back to life with super powers for no real reason other than… Because friendship? Doesn’t jive a whole lot with me.

Excalibur was probably my favorite character, and he probably made a lot of the series for me. When he came to see all that was going to go down with Death City, I first thought he was actually going to lend himself as a weapon for Death for a while, but I’m kind of glad he didn’t so he could just keep going “FOOL!” XD

Soul was probably my second favorite character, even though they really didn’t explain a lot about him like what he was like before he met Maka, or was his piano playing so crazy before he obtained the black blood, or what his background was like in terms of family, oh well.

Other things that weren’t explained include whether Crona was a girl or guy, but my theory is this:

I can gather that his mother probably always wanted a girl, so she would have dressed him and done his hair as a girl and was also less likely to care about how her experimenting on him would affect him, so because he was always dressed like a girl he just assumed that was the way people dress and wore their hair, but because he was a he, he was really shy around Maka and blushes when she hugs him, and also why Maka thinks he is a guy when she first finds him. When Black Star poses the question in a future episode it was likely because the people working on the series knew he was very close to genderless.

Other unexplained things in the series include why Sid always refers to himself as he was before he was a zombie in reference to it matching how he’s acting in the moment as a zombie, but that’s likely just the noticeable anime trait they gave him as a character. And is it really as simple as saying that Blair is a magical cat with nine lives and not a witch? She certainly has magic like the witches as is evident in her battle with the five Mizune witches, and like all the other witches she is based on an animal which is in her case a cat and like the others she can transform into it, so what’s to say she’s not really just a nicer witch that lost only 1/9th of her soul, which stopped Soul from becoming a Death Scythe, and then decided to come live with them Without telling them so no one would try to kill her there?

And on the topic of witches what happened to the Grand Witch who held the witch meetings with Medusa,Eruka, and the other witches. They never mentioned killing her or anything, butEruka mentioned that she would be mad if she found out about all the goings on, so how did she never come into play or even notice when thi

ngs like Arachne coming back or the awakening of the Kishin took place? Wouldn’t she have been a very powerful player in all the battles? Also why do they call all the monsters who they kill for eating human souls and being corrupted Kishin, and then call the ultimate monster and original Kishin just Kishin as well? Shouldn’t the first Kishin who had to be trapped under the city be called something like the Original Kishin for the sake of knowing whether they’re talking about the all-powerful spreader of madness or just an ordinary monster of which Soul had eaten 99 at the start of the first season? O.K.?

More importantly why are Maka and Soul really adamant about collecting all 99 souls and 1 witch soul in the first couple of episodes so as to make Soul into a Death Scythe like Maka’s father, but then none of the characters even bring it up again after the first season? Sure a lot of important mission and grudges and evil characters start showing up, but after that it seems like the idea that some characters are on different levels of power and such than those that haven’t progressed just disappears, and then suddenly it turns into Dragon Ball Z when the power levels of characters just stops being measured and instead they just use names like Super Saiyan and characters just grow far more powerful without much explanation. I suppose that can just be attributed to action anime as a whole though.

A lot of these questions might be explained better in the Manga for the series, but I’m not one to go through that. And aside from all the confusion, Soul Eater is actually a really great action anime, and in that way I’d say it draws a ton from Dragon Ball Z when I think about it. All the family/friendship/good morals kind of stuff and the crazy powerful attacks which are always getting more powerful, and then all the characters with short tempers and silly sore spots shows that connection. But it also has a great story. Solid 8.5/10.



Hippies to Hipsters and Beyond

In the early to late 1960s, a social group was born out of the enormous and unending death toll being racked by the Vietnam War. They were characterized by their ideals of freedom, free will, peace, and love for all. They used their growing numbers to march out against the government, and demanded that they bring the troops home to the people who loved them. They ran peaceful protests, marches, and demonstrations which were brought down by “the man” (and police forces). Until the war ended and they rejoiced and also mourned all those who were lost. They were seen by other members of society as drug abusers, troublemakers, promiscuous, unemployed, and “that kid who wouldn’t get off my lawn” – ‘some old guy’ – me. These other members of society branded them with the term hippies, which came to be colloquialised and which the hippies never noticed because they were often high.

Then, after the era of hippies died out sometime in the 1970s, sometime between the 1990s and the 21st century, the social class of hipster was born. Characterized by drinking coffee at coffee shops, and then later only drinking coffee at locally sourced coffee shops. As well as always working on their next novel or screenplay (often in said coffee shops), wearing V-neck tees and sandals, walking and biking to work in order to save the environment (which is a good thing, I’m not downplaying that), loving hemp fabrics, going to jazz clubs for some reason, listening to new-age music, and the all-important, doing and liking things before they were cool. Their catch phrases are, “I liked ____ before it was cool”,”I’m doing *insert fruitless and insignificant activity here* to help the environment”, and “You want to come see my new Prius?”. The phrase hipsters has also become colloquialised and was branded by the other members of society, who in contrast were much less affected than they were by hippies, although for some reason they dislike the hipsters more. They are still a large social group in our society, and since the coming of Facebook, have posted many of their hipster happenings online, including, “I liked Facebook before it was cool”. The people who comment “First” on YouTube videos are an example of hipsters with an even shorter attention span, who would like people to think that they somehow helped bring viewers there, even though the viewers couldn’t have seen the comment until they had already decided to go there. The era of hipsters has lasted much longer than that of hippies thanks to their far less impactful existence.

Both of these groups were characterized in society for their role in the idea of what is “hip” or popular. Hippies grew “hip” by making an uplifting premise with a just cause. Hipsters were born out of those who enjoyed seeing innovation and who after seeing people flock to that innovation unfortunately made it their mission to show other people that those people were using it because of the hipsters. However as the era of hipsters too will eventually draw to a close, we are the ones who will have to determine, what hip social scene will doobop onto our daddio’s porches next? And after careful determination, I have determined the unfortunate, and undeniable answer… Hipp-ie-s -> Hip-ster-s -> Hip-str-ipp-ers        HIPSTRIPPERS!

Spare Time – Graduation Ceremony – My Salutatorian Speech

These last few years have been some of the most fun learning experiences of my life. For this, I would like to commend the teaching staff and growing senior class around me. We may not have grown in numbers; indeed, there have been several occasions where we have counted off more class members having left than those that still remain among us. I believe that we have developed, in many ways, our own culture here that not only fits the society around us, but which the society around us would commend us for. Our sense of humor, our gestures, our conversations, and the unique and amazing way we interact has probably been my favorite part of school, but this doesn’t just include our class, it includes every student and teacher we have shared our time with as well.

We have all grown a part of this somewhat satirical hive mind of great interactions. If, for example, Zach were to say something to the effect of: “Yeah! Class of 2013!” in the middle of my speech, which he won’t, then there are a number of things that I think would probably happen. Mrs. Barber would likely give him a stern look. Sarah would roll her eyes. Raquel would laugh and then look at Ms. Breyer to see her reaction. Jonah would grin for a short moment. Shane would not have recognized what just happened. Katie and Allison would stifle chuckles and then give him a heated look. Jason would put his hand to his face. Ella would probably laugh and try to play it off. Kyndall would give him a stern look based on what Sarah’s look was. The junior class would laugh hysterically under their breath. Finally the parents would likely laugh it off after having seen Zach at so many other ceremonies. This is all just assumption, and should not be taken too seriously. Although, I would wager that since this wasn’t taken out of my speech, it’s probably fairly accurate.

All this makes for a school where everyone feels like they fit in at some point or another; in fact, most people who visit our school already feel like they fit in after their first day. It just shows how much of a caring environment our school and teachers provide.

This, the graduating class of 2013, has been with me and been a part of my life for four years now, and after four years it’s more than clear to me that our capacity to learn and grow will never falter. The methods of learning which have been instilled in us at the our school will always be with us. I know there’s a lot for me to learn in college and in life. While writing this speech, I often wondered, “What should a Salutatorian’s speech sound like anyway? What do most Salutatorians mention in their graduation speeches?” Unfortunately, even with my great relationship with the internet, she chose this time to be of as little help and inspiration as possible. “It just goes to show” is probably one of my least favorite expressions, but I’m going to use it anyways. It just goes to show that no matter how helpful and massively informative the internet can be; it is no match for the inspiration you find in simply being active, calming down and clearing your mind. So I was left with countless lessons and options to choose from. There are so many of these lessons I want to expound upon before most of us go our separate ways and head off to college, but I’ll leave you with this quote by Winston Churchill, “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” Thank you so much.

Spare Time – Is iTunes even required anymore to use an iPhone?

Yes and no. iTunes is of course required when you first buy your iPhone, in order to install the operating system and sync for the first time, but after that I’ve learned that enough programs have been released that it can thereafter be uninstalled (Unless you plan on buying music from there, to which I would suggest that you find somewhere else like Bandcamp or Beatport). The way I have found to do it is to use MediaMonkey (paid version not required) which has many features making it superior to iTunes. MediaMonkey, as with WinAmp, has a feature that allows users to sync their music, however this does not include a majority of the other data which can be synced by iTunes which I will get to in a second. The reason I prefer MediaMonkey over WinAmp is the interface is more closely based on that of regular Windows programs; additionally, there is no additional processes that need to be taken in order to start syncing your music. As for the data which can only be transferred through iTunes, I don’t use the majority of it on my phone. Pictures can be synced across the cloud or over the Photo Stream; videos can either be watched on the YouTube app or streamed through an app like Twonkey Beam. In fact, you can store all your photos on a cloud drive such as Dropbox, and if you have too many photos for something like that then chances are you don’t need to access them all on the go. Additionally, I rarely ever watch videos, like movies which need to be purchased, from something like my iPhone, because the screen is too small even with as many pixels as they seem to try to fit in there. If you can’t help but need to watch a movie from your phone, then you can always use the Netflix app or even just download your digital copy through the iTunes Store app. On the other hand, you might be wondering about syncing your apps and information, and thankfully iCloud, as with syncing your photo stream, can also sync all other manner of info such as your contacts, calendars, mail, reminders, web browsing, notes, documents/data, and your phone’s last location (Find my iPhone). As for apps, you can always just download previously purchased apps through the App Store and purchase new ones. The only problem I can think of with this approach is that there is no way to backup any videos, music, or apps; although, if you have been using this approach, you wouldn’t have any videos, music, or apps that couldn’t be easily re-downloaded without iTunes. The most recent development to help this become possible, for me at least, has been the added feature that you can update your operating system without needing to sync your phone. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to leave a comment on this post. As for those of you who actually like iTunes, always remember to try new things, who knows, you might even find this method a lot easier! That or you’re probably a Mac user, in which case, you would likely rather just go with the simplest approach anyways.

UPDATE: As of iOS5 iTunes is no longer required for the initial operating system installation, and it is also unnecessary for any subsequent iOS updates.

Spare Time – My Brain’s Cyclical Patterns

It seems like my writing style and mindset have reverted back to the state at which they were when I was  receiving good grades. “Why is that?” You might ask, well I believe that my brain is working through different phases in a cyclical pattern. In other words, at one time I got really good grades, but was much less social most of the time. Then I was relatively social, but my grades were starting to slip, then I was still relatively social, but my grades were slipping more, and now my grades are getting better again and I can just feel the social ineptitude creeping up on me. I also believe that my work with games, websites, and music has become or has always been cyclical. It used to be that all I would work on was websites and music, then I grew tired of the website project, and started working on games again and continued work with my music albeit at a slower pace. All this time I’ve been keeping  up with my video editing, but only ever at school, and I intend to keep it that way. There’s always something there to replace whichever thing it is that changes in the way I do things. Something to pick up the slack left behind in this tug-a-war of the mind.

Creative Writing – Final Project – Limitless for President

I think you all know what this race is about. It’s a race to become the most powerful person in these United States of America. But it’s also a race against time. This race determines the future of not just my life, but the life of every person that stands before me today. They say money is power, and they say power corrupts. But I say a teaspoon of power keeps danger at bay. And so I promise to give a teaspoon of power to every person in this country. I can’t promise it will help everyone, but I can promise it will give them what they need to succeed. I will give them a second chance, starting with the economy. I used to be a businessman before my position as senator, and it is thanks to this that I now know the strategies we need to put in place in order to keep this country thriving. And the political climate, just like the economy, is constantly evolving. We need more than just a solid plan to rely on; we need a plan which is solid in structure, but fluid in its steps. If we want a plan to fix everything, we need to be able to adjust our plan to the world around it. I believe public opinion is important, but no one is the same as anyone else. You can’t just know what the wealthy want and assume you also know what the poor and the middle class want. That’s why I went through all walks of life before I got to this point. There was a time when I lived in a rundown apartment, unable to write my book, sitting there day in and day out eating Ramen noodles and trying to ignore my landlord. And there was a time before that, when I lived a good enough life, sitting on my parents’ money. I’m here to help everyone, and I know how to do it. But a limitless campaign can only go so far without support. I need all of you to go out and vote for who you believe in, and with any luck all of you will someday be proud to have voted Mora for president. Thank you.

Creative Writing – Final Project Attempt #2 – War is Cold

This isn’t the war our ancestors fought. This isn’t a war over land, sea or air. This is a war not for the life of a nation, but for the life of all nations. This is the war not winnable. Every war we’ve ever fought has led to casualties, but no war has ever led to the casualty of casualties. No war has ever put all life as we know it hanging in the balance. I am here to tell you not to fight, but in the end, war is war. Noting will change that, so I’m not going to tell you not to fight, because a fight for the future is no less of a fight than a fight for the present. But know that if we lose this battle, we won’t be the only ones, and if we win this battle no fighting need be done. Keep calm and carry on.