Spare Time – My first real blog post!

OK, I’m going to try to blog out my brain, into a little blog salad for you to taste. The occasion? Well school is out for Winter Break, so I have plenty of time to type things that aren’t curricular. It feels pretty great, now I have time to work on college applications, build games, create music, and with that I think I’ll hold off on coding any websites or working on my Physics engine. What’s that, you didn’t know I was coding a Physics engine? Well I am, I won’t be giving away what makes it special just yet, not until I have completed an early alpha build. But I definitely feel good about it, better than I have about my other attempts to build things from scratch, like that time I tried to build Mario with a map editor, it sort of worked, but I made very little progress, and I decided there was no point after I heard there was someone making a 2D Mario meets Portal game, called Mari0. How can you top that?… Getting back to my point, I need to make this Winter break productive, other than the concert I’m going to. Which will probably still be the highlight of it all. Building games may sound like fun, and believe me it beats school and most other professions any day of the week, but nothing beats a great concert. And with any luck this concert will indeed be one of the great ones. And as far as those college applications: UT Austin, USC (California), UT Dallas, SMU, UAT, and Digipen (Redmond, Washington), all look like viable choices. Although my parents and counselor very much want me to go to Landmark college as a transitional school before I go to one of the bigger ones. And I just really want the most out of my college experience, so although I may indeed apply, it probably won’t be my top choice. As far as building games, I’m currently building a game for the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition, which will hopefully will be great and finished on time. Then there’s also a game I and Ronnie are thinking about making, which could turn out to be great, but more on that later. As far as music is concerned, I’ve been thinking about releasing a new song, but I haven’t quite been able to master the art of making the music, not that it can be mastered even electronically. And to top this salad off, I think I need to be addressing the world having not ended and all that. Hopefully you noticed and hopefully you weren’t one of the people trying to spread the ignorance to the rest of the world (Which is still here), so please, stop saying YOLO!

Old Notes – An old message about lucid dreaming

Causing it to occur is difficult and tricky, normally it just happens at random, but there are methods of triggering it, basically a lucid dream is one of several scenarios where you are aware that you are dreaming but where you are still dreaming, and haven’t woken up yet. Well there’s about a million different sites to help people do just that, but when I stopped fearing things it helped a lot, because without fear there’s a lot less that can cause you to waver mentally, normally dreams can happen where you’re not in your own state of mind where if your capable of remembering them then when you wake up you can find hundreds of things you would have done differently had you known you were asleep or not, but most of your dream self is linked to your actual self, so things like fears stick with you pretty thoroughly, anyways, lucid dreaming is also about how much experience you have with them if you’ve had more of them then you can more easily make it happen again by realizing that it’s all a dream, it gets hard though because one thing your dream self tends to want to believe is that it’s not a dream, also once you gain lucidity if your good enough with it you are able to figure out inside the dream as to what you wish you could do in real life making that a reality is as simple as getting the idea in your head of what you want to do. There’s a lot to it, just look up “how to trigger lucid dreams” and you can probably find better descriptions as far as steps.

Old Notes – Summer 2012 Self-Expectations

Summer Reading: Determine pages per day to read and create a project about the book. – Half completed
Summer Physics: Talk to Physics teacher about how many hours we need to work, and determine the time-spans when we are both available. – Times planned and subject passed
Get a job/Work for at least half the summer: Determine the best locations to get a job and what hours I would work there. – Unable to Complete
Go to Bonaroo and Lollapalooza: Plan out Bonaroo and ensure we have time to go there. – Went to Bonaroo
Work on finishing my song revisions – Some but not all songs revised
Meet with friends: Meet with close friends for something cool when none of us are busy: I might do this for my birthday – Did this for birthday
Watch movies that I’ve missed: Make this a family item – Unfinished
Buy new shoes and other clothes: Do this soon – Unfinished
Transfer items to a birthday wish list – Completed
Go look at colleges (DigiPen in Redmond, Washington and UAT in Arizona): Determine when open houses will be and for how long they will be held. – Completed later on
Finish getting my driver’s license: Do this soon – Now nearly completed
Refresh my skills in programming – Completed later on
Work on 60 hours of community service: Call places of possible service and ensure they can provide service – Now nearly completed
Work on independence – Unfinished