Creative Writing – Final Project Attempt #1 – Finding Your Voice

I don’t know what to say to them, the subjects of conversation, the centers of attention, the people who make up not only my life, but the lives of most of the people I know. Sometimes they’re too good at what they do. Sometimes they’re too bad at what they do. Sometimes what they do is good. Sometimes what they do is bad. The point is not what they do though; the point is what they do to others, the chain reaction, the cause and effect, and how many people receive it. If every popular kid, movie star, media clad government officer, and billionaire philanthropist was as bad as every serial killer, then the world as we know it would collapse. And if everyone followed their example, no one would be any better than the worst of the worst. The world is headed in that direction currently. If we only ever put the spot light of the media on the idiots, tragedies and heinous acts of the world, then what is to stop these attention seekers from worsening and what is to stop those highly influenced to do the same. We need individuals, people who can break the mold that the media has become. We need a future to which our ancestors can look forward, where the media isn’t the most influential factor in life.


Spare Time – My first real blog post!

OK, I’m going to try to blog out my brain, into a little blog salad for you to taste. The occasion? Well school is out for Winter Break, so I have plenty of time to type things that aren’t curricular. It feels pretty great, now I have time to work on college applications, build games, create music, and with that I think I’ll hold off on coding any websites or working on my Physics engine. What’s that, you didn’t know I was coding a Physics engine? Well I am, I won’t be giving away what makes it special just yet, not until I have completed an early alpha build. But I definitely feel good about it, better than I have about my other attempts to build things from scratch, like that time I tried to build Mario with a map editor, it sort of worked, but I made very little progress, and I decided there was no point after I heard there was someone making a 2D Mario meets Portal game, called Mari0. How can you top that?… Getting back to my point, I need to make this Winter break productive, other than the concert I’m going to. Which will probably still be the highlight of it all. Building games may sound like fun, and believe me it beats school and most other professions any day of the week, but nothing beats a great concert. And with any luck this concert will indeed be one of the great ones. And as far as those college applications: UT Austin, USC (California), UT Dallas, SMU, UAT, and Digipen (Redmond, Washington), all look like viable choices. Although my parents and counselor very much want me to go to Landmark college as a transitional school before I go to one of the bigger ones. And I just really want the most out of my college experience, so although I may indeed apply, it probably won’t be my top choice. As far as building games, I’m currently building a game for the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition, which will hopefully will be great and finished on time. Then there’s also a game I and Ronnie are thinking about making, which could turn out to be great, but more on that later. As far as music is concerned, I’ve been thinking about releasing a new song, but I haven’t quite been able to master the art of making the music, not that it can be mastered even electronically. And to top this salad off, I think I need to be addressing the world having not ended and all that. Hopefully you noticed and hopefully you weren’t one of the people trying to spread the ignorance to the rest of the world (Which is still here), so please, stop saying YOLO!

Old Notes – An old message about lucid dreaming

Causing it to occur is difficult and tricky, normally it just happens at random, but there are methods of triggering it, basically a lucid dream is one of several scenarios where you are aware that you are dreaming but where you are still dreaming, and haven’t woken up yet. Well there’s about a million different sites to help people do just that, but when I stopped fearing things it helped a lot, because without fear there’s a lot less that can cause you to waver mentally, normally dreams can happen where you’re not in your own state of mind where if your capable of remembering them then when you wake up you can find hundreds of things you would have done differently had you known you were asleep or not, but most of your dream self is linked to your actual self, so things like fears stick with you pretty thoroughly, anyways, lucid dreaming is also about how much experience you have with them if you’ve had more of them then you can more easily make it happen again by realizing that it’s all a dream, it gets hard though because one thing your dream self tends to want to believe is that it’s not a dream, also once you gain lucidity if your good enough with it you are able to figure out inside the dream as to what you wish you could do in real life making that a reality is as simple as getting the idea in your head of what you want to do. There’s a lot to it, just look up “how to trigger lucid dreams” and you can probably find better descriptions as far as steps.

Old Notes – Summer 2012 Self-Expectations

Summer Reading: Determine pages per day to read and create a project about the book. – Half completed
Summer Physics: Talk to Physics teacher about how many hours we need to work, and determine the time-spans when we are both available. – Times planned and subject passed
Get a job/Work for at least half the summer: Determine the best locations to get a job and what hours I would work there. – Unable to Complete
Go to Bonaroo and Lollapalooza: Plan out Bonaroo and ensure we have time to go there. – Went to Bonaroo
Work on finishing my song revisions – Some but not all songs revised
Meet with friends: Meet with close friends for something cool when none of us are busy: I might do this for my birthday – Did this for birthday
Watch movies that I’ve missed: Make this a family item – Unfinished
Buy new shoes and other clothes: Do this soon – Unfinished
Transfer items to a birthday wish list – Completed
Go look at colleges (DigiPen in Redmond, Washington and UAT in Arizona): Determine when open houses will be and for how long they will be held. – Completed later on
Finish getting my driver’s license: Do this soon – Now nearly completed
Refresh my skills in programming – Completed later on
Work on 60 hours of community service: Call places of possible service and ensure they can provide service – Now nearly completed
Work on independence – Unfinished

English – Short Story – Romero y Julieta

Romero’s first day of school was a boring one; luckily they would be going on a field trip to the zoo in El Paso on Friday. That day Romero’s brother, Enrique, wasn’t present for dinner, and Romero knew why. Enrique had told their father that he was going to be late for dinner because of his work; he told their father that every time he went out. He told their father that he was working at the nearby border patrol station. Secretly, Enrique had been working for the drug cartels which had been managing the city. Enrique told Romero about it the first day he joined them.

Earlier on that stormy day their mother, Espinoza, was killed on her way to work, and the blame was put on a gang from El Paso. This is why Enrique joined the drug cartels despite his good nature and why their father was often too drunk to notice he was gone. This is why Romero got out of bed to go to school every day and worked hard to get good grades. Enrique had to make up for the lack of money coming through the house due to their mother’s death and their father’s constant stupor. At the time he first joined them however, all he could focus on was avenging his mother. Romero had to make sure all of Enrique’s efforts, his father’s morning, and his mother’s death would not put an end to their family’s future.

Meanwhile Julieta, the rich but rebellious daughter of a powerful business owner in El Paso, is enjoying the first day of their week-long field trip at the El Paso zoo. Her father owned the zoo as well as several other popular businesses, so the school was allowed to go on a field trip to there once a year, free of charge. Among the businesses he owned was the most powerful gang in El Paso, “Los Diablos del Fuego,” who helped him smooth out any problems he might face. He had of course never told Julieta about the gang, so when he was forced to place an anonymous “hit” on a middle-aged female private-business owner who was stealing his customers and employees, Julieta had never heard anything more about it than it said on the news. Julieta’s mother was killed by the Mexican drug lords near Romero’s town, and ever since that day Julieta’s father has blamed the Mexican drug lords for almost everything. He has grown a huge prejudice for the people of the Mexican border towns, and Mexico in general.

As the week moved further towards completion, Julieta became more and more bored with the zoo animals and her studies. And once Friday had finally arrived, she simply wandered around the zoo texting her friends about how boring it was and looking to see if there was something she had missed. At the same time Romero was finally on the way there in the school bus. He was happy to finally get to see something other than paper and pencil during school, and so were his friends. When they arrived, they were met with an assignment and given clipboards; they needed to find each animal for which there were pictures on their clipboards and write down the names of the species.

Romero went along with it for the first hour marking down species with his friends, until they came across a huge fish tank with beautiful dolphins swimming about. He watched them for a while, and when his friends said they were going to go to the next exhibit he waved them on and told them he’d catch up. Something had caught his eye while he was watching the dolphins, what looked to be a beautiful mermaid near the other side of the tank. He walked up closer, squinted his eyes and blinked as he finally realized it was a girl staring back at him on the other side of the tank.
Romero and Julieta had finally seen each other; Julieta too had been with her friends admiring the dolphins, when she noticed a young man on the other side of the pool. They both walked around when Romero heard the whistle and Julieta heard her friends calling signaling it was time to leave, but they pressed on reaching ever closer when they finally met their eyes locked. Romero was the first to talk, “Who might you be?” Julieta was almost startled. They introduced themselves, and as they did, they felt themselves leaning in closer and closer to one another. Then suddenly, they kissed. Their adventure had just begun.

On her way home, Julieta just couldn’t stop herself from talking about Romero with her friends. She talked the whole way back to school, and still she was unable to contain her emotions. When she got home she continued on the phone with her friends, rambling on about his mysterious beauty, the way they locked eyes, and the kiss. This was the first time she had liked any boy since her mother died. Then suddenly, her father burst into her room, she hadn’t even noticed his knocking steadily increasing in volume until it felt like his fist was shaking the whole room. On the other hand, her cat had noticed. The cat dug its claws further and further into the bed, until finally it jumped onto her head when the door slammed open. Julieta shrieked with pain as the cat dug its claws into her hair for protection. Finally, Julieta fell off the bed with a thump.

After she had regained her composure from the cat attack, her father began his rant. “You think I’m deaf?!” Her father yelled, “You think I can’t hear you yammering on to your friends about this boy from across the border?!” Julieta was saddened; she felt a lump in her throat as she realized where this was heading. Her father continued, “You know that everyone from those border towns is either a drug dealer or a murder. You know that this boy will never be good enough for you.” Her father paused for a moment before continuing. “This is why I’m forbidding you to ever see him or even mention him in this house ever again!”

Julieta’s tears of sadness had dried in the heat of her new-found rage, as she said, “You’re not my father! You stopped being my father the day mom died! And now that I have finally found something strong enough to lift me out of my mourning, you won’t accept it!” Her father’s rage somewhat subsided and his new reaction looked like sadness. He spoke once more with the same stern tone, but the words weren’t pointed or angry, “I just don’t want you to get hurt, I love you, you know.” And after that he simply turned around and walked back to his room.

Julieta was stunned, and she felt sad again. Her sadness came with silence which continued through dinner and all that weekend. When she came back to school, her friends asked her why she wasn’t answering their calls anymore, and wondered if anything was to become of her and Romero. However, Julieta had a lot of thinking to do, and she told her friends this. She told herself, “This school year is going to be a long one.”

Meanwhile, Romero had not mentioned Julieta at all to his friends, but at the same time he couldn’t stop thinking of her. When he got home he asked his father what he thought, and at first he sounded fine with it. Romero’s dad thought it would be good for Romero to try to start a healthy relationship of his own, especially because Romero’s dad knew Romero would be well received as a handsome, smart, young man. But then he asked Romero where he met her, and Romero replied that he met her at the zoo in El Paso, which is near where she lives. His dad’s face rearranged itself into that of a frown.

Then Romero’s brother walked in, and dad asked him why he was home early from work. Enrique looked depressed. He looked up, said, “I got a promotion.” Enrique’s dad congratulated Enrique, but Romero looked confused. Romero didn’t know what this could mean, “a promotion”? How could you get promoted in a drug cartel? Romero had finished his dinner, so he walked with his brother to his brother’s room. After they had reached the room and Enrique had closed his door, Romero asked his question, “What does that mean?” Enrique was almost startled, he hadn’t even noticed Romero walking with him, but he responded calmly, “It means things just got a lot more complicated.”

Romero told Enrique about Julieta, and he told him he was in love. Enrique told Romero that he needed to seek her out; he told Romero that if he didn’t nothing would become of it, and he would always be trapped wondering what could have been. So he gave Romero the number to a border patrol officer he knew that he had helped in the past, and so Romero called him. The man, Jeff, was a tall strong-looking man; he gave Romero a ride past the border on Tuesday morning and brought him to the school Romero had heard Julieta talk of.

Julieta was putting up with her classmates that day when she saw him, Romero, standing in the window of the doorway to the cafeteria. Julieta was about to get up from her seat to get a better view, when a boy from her class, John, sat down right in her line of sight, John looked timid, but he was able to get her attention. Julieta asked, “What is it John?” And then he asked her a question, “Will you go to Homecoming with me?” Julieta’s trance was broken, she retorted, “What?” He repeated himself, “Will you go to –“ Julieta interrupted, “I know what you said—“ And then she remembered the date; Homecoming was in three days.

All of a sudden she got up from her seat, and ran towards the Cafeteria door noticing that there was no longer a face there. She burst through the doors, and just before Romero turned the corner to leave, she called after him. “Wait! Romero!” He turned around and almost without meaning to they embraced each other.

Romero and Julieta went to Julieta’s house, and on the way, Julieta asked Romero to go to Homecoming with him and Romero happily obliged. However Julieta’s father kicked Romero out, yelling, “You will never date my daughter! You hear me?! Never!” Romero was on his way back home when he was confronted by John and his friends, who were yelling curses at Romero and threatening to beat him up. Little did they know, Romero was his school’s wrestling champion for five years. He beat them up and accidentally killed John, while the other two ran away and told of what the boy had done. However, not knowing who he was, the blame was put on the drug lords. The war between the drug lords and the officials began, and Julieta’s father helped pay for the expenses. Enrique secretly helped Julieta escape with Romero, and with the help of the drug lords they faked their deaths and escaped the city. On the way out Enrique told them, “There’s no way this war will ever get better again; you need to get out of here. But more than that you need to keep the story of what truly happened. Now take this money and use it to buy a new life, a better life.” They left with the drug lords’ money, which only enraged the drug lords further, knowing nothing of the agreement. And so both cities were destroyed in the war, but Julieta and Romero made it all the way to Los Angeles. They used the money to start a taco business and buy a house. Their new life had just begun, and their story would live on.