Hippies to Hipsters and Beyond

In the early to late 1960s, a social group was born out of the enormous and unending death toll being racked by the Vietnam War. They were characterized by their ideals of freedom, free will, peace, and love for all. They used their growing numbers to march out against the government, and demanded that they bring the troops home to the people who loved them. They ran peaceful protests, marches, and demonstrations which were brought down by “the man” (and police forces). Until the war ended and they rejoiced and also mourned all those who were lost. They were seen by other members of society as drug abusers, troublemakers, promiscuous, unemployed, and “that kid who wouldn’t get off my lawn” – ‘some old guy’ – me. These other members of society branded them with the term hippies, which came to be colloquialised and which the hippies never noticed because they were often high.

Then, after the era of hippies died out sometime in the 1970s, sometime between the 1990s and the 21st century, the social class of hipster was born. Characterized by drinking coffee at coffee shops, and then later only drinking coffee at locally sourced coffee shops. As well as always working on their next novel or screenplay (often in said coffee shops), wearing V-neck tees and sandals, walking and biking to work in order to save the environment (which is a good thing, I’m not downplaying that), loving hemp fabrics, going to jazz clubs for some reason, listening to new-age music, and the all-important, doing and liking things before they were cool. Their catch phrases are, “I liked ____ before it was cool”,”I’m doing *insert fruitless and insignificant activity here* to help the environment”, and “You want to come see my new Prius?”. The phrase hipsters has also become colloquialised and was branded by the other members of society, who in contrast were much less affected than they were by hippies, although for some reason they dislike the hipsters more. They are still a large social group in our society, and since the coming of Facebook, have posted many of their hipster happenings online, including, “I liked Facebook before it was cool”. The people who comment “First” on YouTube videos are an example of hipsters with an even shorter attention span, who would like people to think that they somehow helped bring viewers there, even though the viewers couldn’t have seen the comment until they had already decided to go there. The era of hipsters has lasted much longer than that of hippies thanks to their far less impactful existence.

Both of these groups were characterized in society for their role in the idea of what is “hip” or popular. Hippies grew “hip” by making an uplifting premise with a just cause. Hipsters were born out of those who enjoyed seeing innovation and who after seeing people flock to that innovation unfortunately made it their mission to show other people that those people were using it because of the hipsters. However as the era of hipsters too will eventually draw to a close, we are the ones who will have to determine, what hip social scene will doobop onto our daddio’s porches next? And after careful determination, I have determined the unfortunate, and undeniable answer… Hipp-ie-s -> Hip-ster-s -> Hip-str-ipp-ers        HIPSTRIPPERS!